Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Books and Keys, and the Symphony of Life!

i know i know. i've been bad. i have neglected Cherry Blossom Boutique and i feel suitably ashamed.

i swear i haven't been out shoe shopping! Yes, it’s been a while since i wrote a decent blog post, and i must apologize, but let me please explain. As much as i would like to claim the ‘jamie’ and blame it on the a-a-a-a-alcohol…that’s not really what happened. Life has been rather much-full of much-ness lately, ALL GOOD! And whereas i am not to be a mother (yet) i do feel as though i have gone through months and months of writing and piano-playing pregnant behavior, waiting, waiting, waiting and then BOOM gone into labor. My creative waters, so to speak, have broken! And now its all happening!

Exciting developments with my novel ‘Something Pink’ have been keeping me up at night. i finally found an editor who i harmonized with immediately via the inter-webs and simply loved when i got to meet her. But before then, weeks were taken up with me stressing, suppressing and distracting myself thanks to the excitement of finding this lovely lady. Then there were more sleepless nights awaiting her arrival back from the UK where she attended the London Book Fair, and then of course the big question ‘WHAT TO WEAR?!?’ to our first official meeting. My first official meeting as an author. My first official meeting regarding the completion and thus starting the process of (hopefully) publishing my first book! And yes, much to poor Husband’s dismay thanks to his subsequent sleepless nights with me tossing and turning, i have been bubbling out of my pink stripey socks for weeks!

i’m exclamation-marking all over the place here!

Of course, all that stress and energy was silly and uncalled for, as editor lady and i met, clicked even more than the mouse on my key-pad, and then she took over the editing process for me. i am now, once again, uber excited for our next meet later this week to discuss her readers report!


and a few more !!!!!!!! for good measure.

But not only has that been on the go, i have started my second novel and am brimming with the possibilities of the story. i am in the honeymoon phase with all my characters, and we spend hours together every day, albeit in my head, nattering on like old ladies. It’s great fun! And consists of lots of hot cups of tea, which of course, is the stuff of true happiness.

My piano practicing has finally paid off in more ways than expected. My piano teacher, who has also become a wonderful friend over the past year, has asked me to join her music studio as a part time student teacher! This way i get to help with the ADORABLE little-ies while she focuses on the adult students, use my creative tendencies to help make and plan music related games and tools, and of course i get to drink lots of coffee and eat cheese cake with my best friend! And i am sure i will manage to scrounge up some of my old marketing abilities from my former life, dust off the cobwebs, and help out with her business a bit there too. Come check us out sometime at her new gorgeous studio in Town!

Then of course, there was the Hibernation of April, where Husband gave me the Hunger Games book-box set, so naturally i was forced to avoid the world at all costs and read incessantly… 

And as winter is most definitely here to stay, i have been spending a lot of time (when i SHOULD have been writing blog posts) cuddling my cat. Can you blame me?

Oh hell with it, in the interests of full disclosure, and so long as i am confessing here, i have also been spending a bit more than the average amount of time listening to Lana Dal Rey, Carla Bruni, Angus and Julia Stone and, always, Tori...

So there you have it. All my excuses. i promise i'll try not to be so distant in future.

Love, lust and fairy-star-dust
Cherry Blossom