Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Lucky 2013's To Do's

If my 2012 could be summed up in 2 words, they would have to be Pink Champagne. It was a wonderful year where I got to really just live in the moment and celebrate everything. I started saying: "You have to celebrate the small things in life. Like a Tuesday," on a regular basis. I would say this and pop a bottle of bubbly and toast the world. 

Of course it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. My sunshine turned into a cancer that had to be cut out. My rainbows came from the floods of tears. There were some scary moments, and some medical madness’s, but those things just made me more adamant that I had to celebrate the Tuesdays.

But 2012 is over, gone, in the past. Cheers to that!

2013 has slowly crept in, and now as January is almost over, I think I am ready to make my resolutions. Not so much resolutions as plans. I am a planner. A list maker. A pen-and-paper girl. This year will have a ‘To Do List’ that will be taken to the next level – it will graduate from post-its and note books of paper and be focussed. Set out in 13 clear and concise points. Set to schedules and time lines. My Plan (see, I’m doing it already!) is to plan to succeed! To pull myself up by the sparkles and make sure not to waste any time. I am going to focus more and look more into the future. Is what I am doing right now going to prepare a future for me that I will want to live in? Is what I am doing right now adding to the dreams, the Lucky 13's To Do's?

These are my musings right now, but I must be off. I have a ‘Lucky 2013 To Do List’ to create!

Love, lust and fairy-star-dust
Cherry Blossom