Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Reincarnation of Cherry Blossom Boutique

Attention, attention - I AM MOVING! 

Often times moving is a bitter sweet reality that is equal parts excitement for exploring the new, and sadness for leaving loved ones behind. But rather than sniffling into vintage-laced handkerchiefs or throwing feathery farewell parties, I’m taking you all with me! No bon voyage necessary, because I am hoping you will all come over to the new site and stay there as I set up, settle down and grow some new blogging roots. Pack your Louis Vuitton’s, lovelies – we are about to go on an adventure!

Why am I moving? This year, my blogging career turned 6, and Cherry Blossom Boutique has been the most significant site over that time. Her candifloss cheeks, childish petticoats and sparkly shoes sure have grabbed attention. 

Sometimes viewed by you all with a smile, sometimes with a cringe, you have allowed her to be herself, and she has behaved impeccably, if you ask me. She is now growing into the lovely lady I know she is about to become, and deserves a more professional, focused space. My baby is growing up so fast J

Those who have been here since the beginning, and all the faithful followers who stuck with me along the way, I thank you. It’s been a wonderful adventure, but it’s time mommy pushes her chickling out the nest to learn to fly. For this reason, I have decided to import my blog to a new improved site, and am going to be publishing under my real name. No more love, lust and fairy-star-dust - I will be signing off as the Pami you all know and tolerate so well.

My new BLOGAZINE is up and running, so please do come across and have a look! I will, of course, no longer be posting on this page, but my new site is filled with enticing freshness. Original photographs, personal styles, crystal chandeliers and clean lines (and loads of pink, naturally) will hopefully keep you mesmerized, entertained and informed.

Of course, as with all changes, there will be a few bumps along the way. December is my glitch-fix month, so please do let me know how it’s going while catching up on your holiday blog reading. 

If you are still at work, hiding from the end-of-year office madness behind a computer screen and a fake smile chanting ‘I love my job I love my job I love my job’ as you cry into your coffee cup, I promise to try cheer you up. I’m just a click away…

I have interfaced (is that the word?) the new site so it should work across all platforms (laptops, tablets, smart-phones) and have included a few new features such as a brand new facebook page, a new logo, a newsletter sign-up option and an advertising panel.

Note: The new advertising panel will be for brands I love and believe in. After all, what is a boutique that you can’t shop in?! I have been exceptionally inspired by the entrepreneurial folk in my life over the past few years and will be offering a few free ad places as a ‘grand opening’ to the select few, but don’t want to leave anyone out! If you have a business, service or product you are proud of, think will align beautifully with my blog’s image, and think you might like to be featured in my shop, please do send me your details and I will be happy to discuss giving you a free trial.

So it is with the opposite of a heavy heart that I say Good Bye blogspot, and hellloooooo

See you all there!

Love, lust and fairy-star-dust,
Cherry Blossom